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McKinsey & Company is a global management consulting firm advising the top management of leading companies and institutions on issues of strategy, organization, technology and operations. McKinsey advises the world's most prominent organizations - large multinationals, national governments and other public institutions - as well as some mid-size businesses, such as high-tech and high-growth companies, offering and implementing recommendations based on deep analysis, unique resources and broad international experience.

Celebrating our presence of over 25 years in Argentina, we apply our knowledge and experience tackling issues ranging from the public sector to banking, serving all major business sectors in the country, including financial services, retail, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, transportation, energy, telecommunications, information technology and media. Our Buenos Aires office is part of the Latin America Region, where our presence is extensive, with a total of seven offices.

25+ years present in Argentina
5 nationalities represented by our colleagues in Argentina
100+ McKinsey offices around the globe
1 global firm

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